Flood Run® Route and Map

Beach Bar and Grill

Fountain City

Minnesota City

Minnesota City

Minnesota City

Gold Star Run:

This is the advanced run!  New southern start location.


Register for the Gold Star Run at the Flood Run® booth at the Beach Bar and Grill at the northern side or Buck's Bar and Grill on the southern side.

The cost is $20 plus a wristband.

Ride the entire run route. Stop at all of the Gold Star locations along the run to get your card stamped.  Return your stamped card to the end before close that evening. 


Pick up your custom Flood Run® Gold Star Pin and your end. Congratulate yourself for your achievement.

We are working on the 2021 stops

2020 Fall Stops:

Beach Bar - Northern start and end          or southern stamp

Harbor Bar - Hager City, WI

J&J Barbecue, Nelson, WI  - Southern

       start and end or northern stamp

Old Bank Bar - Lake City, MN

You can pick up the Gold Star card in 2 locations this fall.  The ride is the same. 



If you pick up the card at the Beach Bar, get stamps at the Old Bank Bar, Harbor Bar, and J&J Barbcue, then turn the card in at the Beach Bar at the end of the day for your Gold Star pin.


If you pick u the card at J&J Barbecue, get stamps at the Harbor Bar, Beach Bar, Old Bank Bar, and return the card to J&J Barbecue at the end of the day for your Gold Star pin.

This pin can only be earned

Ride The Run:

After registration, you may ride either the Minnesota side or the Wisconsin side. Choose how far you wish to ride.

Have a great time along the way. Stop at one of our sponsors locations for fun items and great food.

Join us at the Beach Bar at the end of the day for the raffle drawing.

Official Booth Locations:

There are only 4 official booth locations along the run.  Here you can purchase your wristbands, get your pin, as well as purchase t-shirts. 


There are additional locations where t-shirts may be purchased.

We are working on the 2021 locations

The Fall 2020 booth locations are:

1) Beach Bar, Lake St Croix Beach, MN

2) Nauti Hawg, Diamond Bluff, WI

3) J&J Barbecue, Nelson, WI

There are sponsors and specials for wristband wearers all along the route.


We ride for kids

Wristband Wearers get specials

Stop by any of the Flood Run Sponsor locations and get a special or a discount when you present proof of a wristband purchase.  Many of the sponsors will have bands and entertainment. 

Please choose to support the sponsors:

Lake St Croix Beach, MN

  • Beach Bar and Grill – Breakfast served in the morning


Lake City, MN

  • Old Bank Bar - $1 Sloppy Joes


Nelson, WI

  • J&J Barbeque - Buck a Bone Ribs

  • Grandpa's Saloon $1.00 off any beverage or menu item, except ice cream.

  • Werner's Top Hat Bar - $1.00 off any single purchase with a wristband. 


Maiden Rock, WI

  • Rumors on the River - Smoked Pulled pork sandwiches, baked beans, potato salad for 6.50. Brats and hot dogs available also!

Bay City, WI

  • Big Dog Daddy’s Roadhouse – $3 brats, $6 dollar burgers, includes chips. $6 walking tacos; discounts with wristband

  • Mike’s Bay Town Bar and Grill - Pulled pork sandwiches or various food specials

  • Sabe's Loft - Every $5 spent gets you a ticket for a $500 Harley Davidson gift card.


Hager City, WI

  • Harbor Bar - $1 off any food item during the Run with wristband


Prescott, WI

  • No Name Saloon/Monkey Bar - $2.00 N/A Beer, free water or coffee.

Off-Run locations

  • RVS Performance - 10% off Indian Power Vision tuners with custom tuning.  $100 off any dyno session with Flood Run wristband or online receipt.

Other sponsors who have donated time, money, or prizes

  • Indian Motorcycle

  • IARG riders group

  • Polaris Foundation

  • Wild Threads

  • Dial-a-ride

  • DDi



The Run starts at the Beach Bar on St Croix Trail S in Lake St Croix Beach, MN.  At the official start time of 10:30am, motorcycles will begin to leave from the Beach Bar:

  • Head south on St Croix Trail S

  • Turn right onto US 10

  • Turn left onto US 61

  • Stay on US 61 to Winona (stopping as you wish)

  • Take W Cty 43 across the bridge (or cross any other bridge to WI you choose)

  • Turn left onto WI 35

  • Stay on WI 35 to Prescott (stopping as you wish)

  • Turn left onto US 10

  • Turn right onto St Croix Trail N

  • Turn left into Beach Bar parking area

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Flood Run information

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