57th Annual Flood Run®


September 17, 2022 |  Beach Bar

2030 St. Croix Trail S, Lake St. Croix Beach, MN

This ride will benefit Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare.

Join us to celebrate Gillette's 125th Anniversary of helping kids be kids!


We are adding a sport bike route this year.  See the route page for details.


       8:00 - 11am

As long as there is no prohibition on gathering during the periods of the Flood Run, we plan to hold the event.

Being outdoors and on motorcycles is a great way to social distance.


Next Spring Run on April 15 2023

Meet Bennett

Bennett has a million dollar smile.


He plays baseball and wheel chair basketball, is a Boy Scout, is a big brother, and helps out on the family farm.  He also  has had 14 major surgeries by the time he was 7 years old.  He has had several since that time, the latest occurring in April 2021.

When Bennett was born, his parents were told he would never walk.  That was before they went to Gillette.  With a lot of care from Bennett's team; including doctors, nurses, and therapists; Bennett has made great strides.

When he was 6, he walked his Step-Mom-To-Be down the aisle to be married to his father.

Bennett was born with spina bifida, a  group of disabilities which affect the spine.  Often, this is a condition where the spinal cord doesn't form correctly while the baby is in the womb.   To Bennett's family, spina bifida means working with the disability; such as  things like catheters, medicine, diaper changes, adjusting chest and leg braces, changing bandages, and caring for sores on his feet.

One of every 1,500 babies are born with some form of Spina Bifida, with various levels of intensity.


With the care of his family and his team at Gillette Bennett gets to be who he is.  

That is what it is all about.  Helping kids be kids.

To read more of Bennett's story, go to Gillette's website.


Gillette has been helping kids be kids for 125 years.



Join other riders

Run Information

All makes and models are welcome.

Wristbands are $10.  Please preregister for the run.

The official start and end is at the Beach Bar in Lake St. Croix Beach, MN.

Get your gold pins for completing the entire ride.

Be Safe! Don't drink and ride!

Official Merchandise

Pick-up wristbands at the Flood Run® booths.  While you are there pick up an official Flood Run® t-shirt, pin, hat, hoodie, bandanna, etc.  100% of the money you spend in an official Flood Run® booth goes to Gillette's.  Merchandise is donated by Polaris Foundation and Indian Motorcycle.

Support our Sponsors

Many of our sponsors have discounts for Flood Run® participants.  You can support our sponsors all year.

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Premier Sponsor:

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About The Flood Run®


The Flood Run® motorcycle ride has always been a charity event. From throwing sandbags in 1965, to buying a benefit wristband to support a great cause. 

This ride will benefit Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare

The Flood Run® has a history of giving. In 1965, 12 motorcycle riders rode 90 miles to Winona, MN to help sandbag during the 1965 Flood. 


Most of the original 12 spent the next several years in Vietnam, but all were back home by 1970.  They decided to carry on the tradition. Jim Noteboom named the ride The Flood Run®. As the years went by, a fall Flood Run® was added to have twice as much fun.


Over the years, the Flood Run® motorcycle run/ride has grown and gone through many changes. It is one of the oldest and largest runs in America.

The original run went down Minnesota highway 61 to Winona. Over the years, some riders began riding down Wisconsin 35. Now the run is a loop running down both the Minnesota and Wisconsin sides of the river. 


At Highway 10, riders can go left into Prescott, or right to Highway 61 and down the nostalgic Minnesota side. Riders can cross the Mississippi in Prescott, Red Wing, Wabasha, or Winona. Cross the river where ever you like, jump in where ever you like, or do the full Gold Pin Tour.  Just make sure to purchase a Flood Run wristband to show your support for the Children's Hospital.

The Flood Run® is run by dozens of volunteers.  Their passion for children and generous giving of their time is what permits this epic event to happen each spring and fall.  Please extend a sincere “thank you” to those you run across that make your day on the Flood Run® a great day.


Thank you.